Dom grozy - Strefa Strachu

It is a terrifying setting of an abandoned shelter, 10 meters under the ground, especially adapted to meet your needs. Rooms, professional acing staff and a variety of selected props make up this remarkable place, where reality meets fiction and a laughter is combined with a scream. There’s no way to find more exciting place in Warsaw. As soon as you leave nothing will be able scare you.

A może chcesz film ze swojego przejścia?

Zasady Domu grozy - Strefa Strachu

Participants can enter the zone in the group. There is only one torch per group. Group’s mission is to get through the main line that leads through all of the nightmarish rooms. Not every door is open and not every path leads to the final destination. Creatures hidden in the darkness try their best to make you remember your visit for a long time. Bearing in mind that our horror zone offers a  specific kind of entertainment, we can assure you that the whole object is monitored to take care of your safety, and we provide you with the following set of rules to obey:

  • The group must consist of 2 to 6 people
  • Intoxicated people are not allowed to enter the Fear Zone
  • It is not advised for people who suffer from heart diseases, epilepsy, asthma, arachnophobia, nyctophobia and claustrophobia, as well as for pregnant women
  • It is forbidden to touch the actors
  • It is illicit to use any recording and monitoring devices, including mobile phones and smartphones 
  • Participants get the security passWORD, which stops the trek in case of necessity
Kontakt do Domu Grozy - Strefa Strachu

Dowcip 4 next to Czackiego 13/15
near the subway station Nowy Świat-Uniwersytet
Warszawa 00-051

opening hours:

We have renovation inside and we are closed now

Rezerwacje do Domu Grozy - Strefa Strachu

We are currently undergoing renovation works, therefore we are closed until September.

Meanwhile, we invite you to an external event, more details here

Cennik Dom Strachu - Strefa Strachu

Ticket "Abandoned Shelter": 65 PLN / person

The "Exorcism" ticket: 65 PLN / person

Current promotions:

- Check in to Facebook or Instagram: get a 10% discount **

- More promotions on our Facebook!


** In order to take advantage of the promotion, you must search in the Fear Zone horror house on Facebook or Instagram

Promotions do not combine.
In the case of groups of 2-3 people, it is possible to combine groups.


Wycieczki do Domu Grozy - Strefa Strachu

To meet all of the possible expectations, Fear Zone Team can individually create a special offer for bigger groups. We are open to arrange stag parties, hen parties, birthdays, school trips and many many more. Feel free to contact us to go into further details. You can write us an e-mail and send it to: (please don’t forget to mention the circumstance in the heading).


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